Saturday, July 24, 2010

Misadventures at Rebecca Farm

Hi readers!  This is manymisadventures' mom.  She has been so busy the last several weeks that I've agreed to fill you all in and try to entertain you (haha).  She's been home a grand total of two days in the last two weeks.  After a fun filled fourth of July weekend and then the pony club HB prep she had a couple of days off and then headed to Leadership camp.  This is a super fun marching band camp she's been attending since high school.  It's a very intense camp and they end up not sleeping much.  She came home from that Saturday evening, had Sunday at home to relax, Monday to re-pack and then early Tuesday morning she she left to groom for her eventing trainer at the event at Rebecca Farm in Montana (oh and did I mention the 13 hour drive to get there?). 

She's been updating me via text message mostly.  The last one said "Just got to watch Buck Davidson and My Boy Bobby ride their dressage test!"  For those of you not into eventing - Buck Davidson is one of best in the sport and My Boy Bobby is one of the best horses.  In 2009 Buck was the highest placed US rider in the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** (aka "Rolex"), riding Bobby.  He's just on of the many top level riders competing in Montana, yes Montana, this weekend!  Pretty much everybody who is anybody in eventing is there. 

McKinna and I, however, are NOT there.   Although, I've had great fun having my pony all to myself for the past couple of weeks (more on that later), I do wish we were there.  I love watching Misadventures and McKinna do their thing, especially on the cross country course!


Meghan said...

How awesome! I love My Boy Bobby! That's is so cool.

Stacey said...

Thanks for the update mom! Did you guys see the new Kerrit's jump at Rebecca Farm by chance?

Btw, I've been outta the cyber loop lately because of my move and all that...the new banner pic is awesome!!!

MyLittlePony said...

My Boy Bobby and Buck Davidson finished in second place in the CIC3*-W, behind Karen O'Connor and Mandiba. Phillip Dutton was third, riding Truluck.

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