Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home Again!

Well, we are home from the Brian Sabo clinic!

I had an awesome time. Pandora was excellent, I am pretty sure her rushing is gone (and at the very least I have the tools to deal with it if it comes back), and we're both pretty tired but happy. It was a lot of trailer riding for her - 40 minutes to my friend's house, 2.5 hours to stabling, then each day it was a half hour to the actual clinic site.

I learned so much and I will definitely write up a full clinic report. I am SO lucky because the lady I went with (who is wonderfully fun to hang out with) called a friend, who came and videotaped our entire clinic sessions! So, if all goes well, in a week or two I should have a DVD of my whole ride, plus Brian's comments, plus interesting rides from the other people.

It was a very successful weekend. I cannot BELIEVE how much Pandora ate. She very impressively consumed almost an entire huge bale of our barn's orchard grass/timothy mix, plus a few flakes a day of the orchard grass that they feed where we were stabled. Holy cow that mare can put down the food. And water. It's hard to keep her buckets full, which I suppose is a good problem to have.

I also made my first solo trailer trip! I know, I'm 19, I should've done it long ago, but when my mom's involved with horses too, we tend to travel together. I even lined up the truck and trailer on the first try, and tonight I managed to back the trailer into our slightly difficult spot even with a car parked in the way!

Pandora, of course, informed me that she was starving and dove immediately into her big pile of hay. What a pig.

Anyway - I'm going to kick back for the rest of the evening. More tomorrow or the next day!


Leah Fry said...

Congrats on your first solo trailer venture. Can't wait to hear what you learned.

Cara said...

Good to hear you are back and it was a successfull clinic. The best clinics are where you take tools away rather thean the ones where you struggle to recreate your clinic ride.

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