Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slow Going

Hey guys - it's been a busy couple of weeks just dealing with life, hence lack of posts. But I've been riding and making some really good progress with Pandora!

I love, love, *love* how our transitions are going. We have smooth, relaxed halt-from-trot, and if at any time we get out of control or out of balance, I have instant access to a quiet transition down and back up to rebalance ourselves. Very cool.

I've got a few hours of calculus homework plus an outline for a 5-page history paper to do, so you will have to make do for now with a short post. To tide you over, here's a video of the 2'3" class from the schooling show we went to on Saturday.

She was great! Didn't even try to peek at the fences, just jumped them around as if she was saying "Finally, we get to do some slightly challenging stuff!" We did two 2'3 classes and were also entered in a 2'6 class, but by that time I'd been tacked up for several hours and I just felt like I was too tired to give her a decent ride. So, we schooled some of the 2'6 fences and she was totally fine, then we called it a day!

It was a beautiful day for the show and many people showed up - turned out to be a great fundraiser for our Pony Club.

Next week will be a little mellower in terms of workload for me, so expect some regular posts again.


Leah Fry said...

She certainly seems to be confident and comfortable, which is a huge compliment to you.

smottical said...

Horses + College = no time, doesn't it? I remember that well...I was working to pay part of my board, and it seemed like all I ever had time to do was clean stalls. Clearly you're finding time to ride though - Pandora looks good!

Chris said...

Well that just looked like so much fun! I love it when a jumping course looks so easy - great job!

manymisadventures said...

Thanks, guys! It felt great, too.

Yup, finding time to ride, but sometimes it's hard to keep up with the blog too. Oh well!

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