Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Night

Tonight's been a long night -- I just got home from working the Elephant Ear booth at the local rodeo. Our equestrian team (my high school's, that is) runs the booth as a fundraiser and let me tell you, it makes pretty much all the money for the whole year. It's a sweet deal (ha, no pun intended). I got to watch quite a bit of the rodeo. I alternate between watching the bull riders or bronc riders, and admiring the horses of the riders who catch or herd the bucking animals afterwards. Damn, those are some nice horses. Especially the ones they use to herd the bull. I mean, really? How many horses do you know that will calmly go after an animal that probably weighs more than they do, and is bucking, and has horns, and is really really pissed off?

In any case, that's why I'm a bit tired for a real post. I'll write a post tomorrow, either about why I rode my horse in a Batman costume or about my lesson today, which went really well.

But to tide you over for the night, here is the reason you never hose off a gray horse and put her in the arena:

Thankfully, I hear most of it brushed right off. Mom took this picture while she was at the barn last night. Aside from the fact that the angle makes her head look so whonking huge, it's not a bad picture for a cell phone camera, eh?


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I am LMAO. I have a horse just that color...and I have seen her MANY TIMES looking JUST LIKE THAT.

manymisadventures said...

I swear it's in their genes. If a horse goes gray, they have a physiological need to roll as often as possible.

There's definitely a benefit to owning dark bays or chestnuts!

mugwump said...

Palominos and buckskins like to keep it "green"

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