Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mud. And mud. And more mud!

There are times I really, really wish I had a bay horse.


 Really. Even though she's very cute and furry like a teddy bear.


These are the things we had tonight:

1. A very, very, very, VERY muddy McKinna. Second-muddiest I've ever seen her, which is pretty muddy. It's all caked on like cement. In her mane, over her eyes, down her back, both sides, everywhere. In her tail. Especially in her tail.

  Yup, other side's just as dirty.

2. A broken hot water wash rack, in which the hose won't stay in the clamp thingy.

3. A limited supply of hot water in the hot water tank.

4. A clinic tomorrow.


We got the job done. But she's definitely not the cleanest she's ever been. Hopefully the sleazy, sheet, tail bag, and neck cover will keep her relatively clean overnight.

5:00 wakeup time to be on the road by 7. I'm off to bed.

Should be a fun day though! Besides, if being grey with an affinity for mud is her worst flaw, I think I can live with it...


Hurricanes12 said...

haha, hope you have a great day at the clinic :)
-mud in the tail is the wooorst, i hate when my horse's tail is grotty. luckily he's a bay and doesn't look too awful when he's muddy. at least it looks like she was having fun?

Our Horse Curly said...

McKinna looks just about the same as my horse did yesterday. I told Zoe that Halloween was over and she really needed to stop putting on her "brown horse" costume. ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!

Jane said...

Having owned 2 grays and a white, I can say with confidence that Mrs. Stewarts bluing is our friend. In minute amounts.

But when it's cold, rainy, and you can't bathe...argh. Hot towels (boiled water) help.

I hope it went well, and you're right, if liking mud is the worst you can say, you have one heck of a horse!

I vote you tell the clinician she's having a 'spa' day, complete with mud treatments.

SprinklerBandit said...

Haha, I love my black bay! Have fun at the clinic.

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