Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eventing Rally - Dressage and Stadium Videos

Before I finish up the story, a video recap!


You can see that the first part of the test is pretty reasonable, the second fairly tense (especially after the canters). I think the biggest culprit is our lack of good connection. It's something that we're just beginning to develop consistently in our lessons, so I know that a better connection and thus a better test will come with time.

I also noticed (and the judge commented on) how she tilts her head to the side, especially in the trot. Seems to be an evasion, and it's another symptom of no connection. If I don't have a steady contact, I can't ride her through the crookedness to be straight between my reins and legs.

But it's a work in progress and I was pleased with her. And we got an 8 on our halt! And her canters look kind of like normal horse canters now, instead of crazy shuffle-y pony who has never cantered before ever! And we're starting to develop an actual noticeable stretch in the free walk!

(PS, the random whistling you hear throughout is birds, not the judge ;)


Pretty much as I described it. A little hairy while we got each other figured out, rail on fence 2 that was my fault, then it went pretty smoothly and she was jumping well.

The rest will be up tonight - I need to transfer the videos to my mom's laptop so I can cut the XC videos into one piece. It will be worth the wait to see the wonderpony go dashing across your screen on lovely green fields, I promise!


S said...

Looks great! Your PC worthy bath is very impressive! Do you have any secret ingredients?

manymisadventures said...

It's more of a procedure than anything ;)

First we get one side wet from the cheeks back (she doesn't like her face getting wet), making sure to really soak her tail. I dip a scrubby rag in regular horse shampoo, maybe with a bit of QuikSilver mixed in, and wash her body like a car, only with more scrubbing. Mom QuikSilvers her tail and lets it sit.

Rinse that side, rinse tail. Switch sides. Usually, hit tail again with QuikSilver. Use QuikSilver on the mane too. Rinse.

Conditioner in the mane and tail, then some straight QuikSilver on the legs if it's a big show.

Rinse. Use a washcloth, the hose on low, treats, and bullying to wash her face (this is only for Pony Club stuff!).

Then you're done! It takes about an hour for the two of us to do a thorough, show-quality bath.

Val said...

I really like her cheerful way of going. It is difficult to navigate a forward-going horse around a dressage test, but I think you did a fabulous job. She looks gorgeous.

manymisadventures said...

Thanks, Val! "Cheerful" is definitely a good word to describe the way she goes. She's got a pretty good work ethic and seems to enjoy having a job to do.

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