Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pandora's up!

Okay, I have video from the Wednesday dressage lesson with Pandora. I can't believe how much she has improved! It was a great feeling. It's especially effective if you go watch the dressage lesson video from February, which you can find here.

Video from Wednesday:

Also, Pandora is officially up on Dreamhorse! For anyone in my general vicinity or if you're just curious, this is her ad. The photo's not fully up yet (you can click on the temporary pic) but it should be soon.

Derby clinic got canceled today because of all the rain, so I am hanging out at home doing homework. Makes for a nice, laid-back day. On the plus side, to make up for it I will be riding in a XC lesson later this week - which means I get to take Pandora out on XC for the first time this year! I'm very excited to see where things stand.

In other news, I jump crewed for the Pony Club lesson last night and had a great time. We had one of those kid sandbox things in the shape of a turtle (very scary) that we stuck next to standards, we had a big table on its side (with a bright poster taped onto it) as a wing, we had blankets and coolers over fences, a little floral-pattern suitcase that was quite hairy-eyeball-inducing, and even just a big square of tissue paper taped to the front rail of an oxer that REALLY caused some looking. I didn't ride because I was supposed to ride in the clinic today, darn it!

The nice thing is that the course will stay up until my jumping lesson with McKinna on Monday, so we will have a chance to practice over all the cool stuff. I think this will be the most prepared we've ever been: two lessons in a row to practice really spooky stuff, take your own line, and more aggressive angles/tight turns. I feel like we're going in with some experience at all the stuff I will be asking her to do. Not that I don't ever prepare, I just think it's a lot more thorough this time. I can't wait! Getting McKinna clean is going to be a pain in the butt, of course. I try not to think about that part.


Val said...

She looks great! And nice riding.

Leah Fry said...

You guys look great. Hope you are able to sell her quickly.

Hope your lesson with McKinna went well.

Pandora said...

Thanks :)

The lesson with McKinna was split - some really frustrating parts, but I discussed it with Devin and we figured things out and ended the lesson on a great note.

Pandora said...

Darn it, there I go using the wrong account again. Misadventures here, staying up way too late on the computer.

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