Saturday, October 24, 2009


I passed!

I had a GREAT time. The whole thing was just a very positive experience, and everything went very smoothly. Our club had a 100% pass rate today with the three members we sent, too!

Due to some last-minute lameness with a to-be-borrowed horse, a fellow member taking her C-2 ended up borrowing Pandora for a longeing and trailer-loading section of her test. Well, sure, Pandora longes...and loads and unloads....mostly pretty well....for me.

But, thankfully, she was on her best behavior and did great for the other girl. She got an Exceeds Standards on her longeing ;-)

Don't worry - I have LOTS of pictures and will get them up along with a full report ASAP. I'm so happy to finally be a C-level member! Next stop, C-2 in the summer?? We'll see.

Thanks for all the well-wishes. Maybe the collective positive thought gave us some good juju today!


buckpony said...

Yay!! Way to go Girl!! It always feels great to pass with flying colors. You'll be moving on up the ratings before you know it. I hear they are much harder than when I went through back in the 1990's. :) Keep up the hard work and it will all pay off. Looking forward to your photos when you have a chance to post them.
A wonderful young lady bought my Filly pony on Oct. 22. She is also a Pony Clubber and is going for her B in Dec. The fact she was a Pony Clubber was a major selling factor for me. I wasn't selling my special pony to just anyone! :) There is just something different about Pony Clubbers...more mature, much more knowledgeable, determined, successful, name a few traits.
Anyway, congratulations again and I look forward to hearing about more progress as you go along! ;)

manker said...

dont you just love it when youre on the proverbial "other side".. breathe a sigh of relief and realize how you really can do this stuff

well done

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