Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Update

I have at least four posts in progress right now, so once I get time to finish them all out you'll get frequent posts for awhile. I've got some good stuff in the works.

I had an amazing time at Inavale grooming for friends and watching the upper-level XC. I even got an impromptu braiding lesson and braided my friend's mane for SJ since she was in the ribbons - turned out pretty well for a first braid job! You could actually see the improvement as you went up the mane ;)

We did see a rotational fall, which was not something I'd ever hoped to see. Basically, it's where a horse hits a fence and the momentum carries it in a perfectly straight rotational arc so that it lands straight on top of the rider on the ground on the other side. Big problem in eventing. People die from being crushed, horses die from broken necks. It's just not pretty.

Horse seemed to be fine - got up and galloped away. Rider, from what I heard, wasn't unscathed but was going to be okay. Still scary to see. Was like I swallowed a big lump of ice, the way I got chills in my stomach.

Unfortunately, Pandora's lame right now. I gave her 4 days or so off after Lily Glen, then went out to ride her last Thursday and she had blood all down the back of her left hind. Hosed, treated, whatever. No deep puncture, walking sound, no swelling. It swelled up over the next few days but we kept hosing and icing and it went down. She seemed fine. Put her on the longe a couple days ago only to find she may be sound at the walk, but she's head-bobbing at the trot. Definitely kicking myself for not jogging her out, I don't know what I was thinking - the day after she did it she cantered in from the pasture with the herd, but I wasn't paying attention so I probably didn't notice she was cantering funny. Argh. She seems perfectly cheerful, though.

Vet's coming out in about an hour and a half. Like I said, she seems to be on the mend, but the lameness isn't going away and I'm starting to worry. Fingers crossed it's something minor that will go away soon. I'll be sad if I have to rearrange any plans, but I do have McKinna as backup and mostly I just want my girl to be okay.

Headed out to the barn now, I'll let you guys know what the verdict is. The receptionist at the vet's office said something about sending the ultrasound machine out with the vet since it's on the back of her hind leg. Ugh. Please no soft tissue damage.

Updates later, hopefully good ones.


oregonsunshine said...

Crossing my fingers that Pandora is ok!

Andrea said...

Oye, silly mares! Crossing my fingers too that she's all right!

We were unfortunate enough to see Frodo Baggins' rotational fall at Rolex two years ago. One of the most awful things I've ever seen... so scary.

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