Monday, October 20, 2008


Here's some pictures from the show -- and by some, I mean a lot. In no particular order:

Pandora's attitude for the whole day. Relaxed and chilled out.

Hooray blue ribbon!

Not much in the way of action shots, sorry guys!

She's cute when she's not being a terror.

Since I know you all wanted to see it, here's the costume! And McKinna is being very patient as we assemble it.

The finished product. I know, we're pretty awesome.

Pandora's pretty green ribbon.

I'm not pointing at myself, I'm memorizing my course :)

And this pretty much sums up McKinna's attitude for the entire day.

She was nice and calm...during warmup.

Oh McKinna, the things you put up with.

So there you have it!


Uh-oh said...

i'm a tad confused, why does McKinna's bridle have no throatlatch??
she looks hot as in the costume by the way!!

Leah Fry said...

Love the costume! That was a labor of love, I'm sure. Maybe some action video next time?

manymisadventures said...

I will try to talk the parents into getting some video next time.

Uh-oh -- it does have a throatlatch ;) You can sort of see it in the first picture of her. We just hadn't buckled it yet in the pictures where we're fussing with her face, and it had been sort of tucked up on the other side.

ezra_pandora said...

Awesome costume!!! I can't believe you didn't win first.

Anonymous said...

Poor McKinna! We're all entitled to have some "off" days!

autumnblaze said...

I concure with the awesomeness of your costume. It's a shame you didn't place higher but it all depends on the judges... cute often trumps sheer awesome for that reason.

Any odd decor on the jumps etc. she could have been worried about? Heard of crazier things bothering one.

manymisadventures said...

Thanks, guys. I am finally getting over my bitterness about the costume contest, LOL.

Autumn -- it's unlikely. She's not a spooky horse in general and she's stopped seriously spooking at indoor jumps a long time ago. Plus, I didn't get a feeling that she was spooking at anything specifically, just sort of freaking out in general.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL I LOVE Bat Horse!!!!!!!!!

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