Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Miscellaneous Post

I'm feeling lazy and contrary, so here's a post that's a bit of a collection of everything.

We longed McKinna tonight over some raised cavaletti. It gave her a nice physical and mental workout (she had to figure out the spacing of the cavaletti and thus how many strides she needed to put in), and it was fun to sit on my chair and direct while Mom longed her. I could get used to this whole training thing. . .

I'm thinking about doing a post on how to put together a nice ad for selling a horse. It would be really long and probably somewhat rant-y, so maybe I'd post it in installments, mm? Section 1 -- How Not to Take a Really Terrible Conformation Shot. Section 2 -- How To Spell Words Like Horse, Ridden, Lose (and Loose), Training. Section 3 -- Why Your Unbroke, "Friendly and Trainable" Colt Is Not Worth $3000.

I kid (mostly). But I would like to do a post about how to set up a nice ad, because my mother and I have seen a whole huge range of awful ads, and I think a lot of people just don't know better. It really doesn't take much effort to do. So yes, expect an upcoming post on marketing your horse.

The next installment of my Talk at Leadership Camp will be posted tomorrow about how horses mirror your actions.

An update on Bailey: he's doing well, roaming 30 acres with several other horses, she's been riding him more, and she's going to keep him. I don't think I posted about it, but about a month ago she emailed us to let us know she was considering selling him. Everything worked out (and we were very very grateful that she held true to our request to let us know before selling him), so it looks like he will go on happily living where he is! When we're able to afford the time/money/space for turning out a hot TB, I would love to ask her if she'd be willing to sell him back to us. I feel that I've come a long way since I sold him -- I'm a lot more analytical in my training process, a lot calmer, and I understand things better. I think we'd get along a lot better now, though it's not like we never got along when I owned him. He was just one of those horses that either wanted to be outside 24/7 or at least ridden and given something interesting to do for an hour every day. I couldn't provide either.

So, I am very happy that everything's settled for him and his owner, and I imagine he's just pleased as punch to be doing nothing but wandering around and eating all day ;)

Here's some old pictures of him, just for fun!

Warming up for Dressage at a schooling show

Jumping the Parrot fence!

At his very very first XC schooling round. Isn't he cute?

I still love that boy. I always forget how much I loved that TB side of him -- yeah, they can be hot, pains in collective asses, often exercise their ability to do the Patented Thoroughbred Spook, etc. But he was also wildly athletic, always willing to jump what I put in front of him, and just a damn handsome horse (in my humble opinion). Even if I never buy him back, I just don't think I can stay away from TBs for the rest of my life. I love McKinna and her low-maintenance Quarab self, but I love me a good Thoroughbred gallop.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a really lovely expression on my face showing just how excited I was to get a cast:

Told you it was a random post.

See you tomorrow when I'm feeling a little more organized!


Leah Fry said...

That pic is priceless! Seriously, if you ever want a Texas vacation -- well, I would make you teach me whatever I could get out of you -- come on down. Tell your mom we'd take good care of you.

rhinestone said...

You also need to do a post on creative adjectives to describe "challenging horses". I know a girl who's trying to sell her jerkface Arabian mare (I'm not biased, but would it explain anything if I told you she's a chestnut mare? no, I'm still not biased - the mare's a bitch) and the ad has words like "personality!" and "brave!" and worst of all, "broodmare prospect!" Use it in a sentence! My broodmare prospect showed all of her personality when she bravely took off with me after the jump. At least they do make one concession - "She could go far with a confident rider!" Yeah, cause she ain't going far right now.

Stelladorro said...

To add on another rant section about selling horse ads... Just because you haven't called the vet to geld your fugly homebred, does NOT MAKE HIM A STALLION PROSPECT! *wipes forehead* end rant.

ORSunshine said...

So Many, are you frustrated with the butt pics that give horses a really long looking back from the advertisements in our area? Once you get your post together, maybe you could hold a free "how-to" class at one of the colleges here.

When I was looking for a horse, the butt pics were such a turn off. I don't care how big their butts are, I want to see the whole horse, from the side and get an idea how they're put together.

manymisadventures said...

Leah, don't tempt me! I promise I will let you know the next time I am heading to Texas (unless you want to buy my plane ticket . . . ;)

Will definitely include a section on 'creative' adjectives. Oh, the horrors I have seen.

Yes, I equally hate butt-pictures and shoulder-pictures. One makes it impossible to see if the horse is a horse or a daschund, the other makes the horse look like it's got a tiny butt and mammoth shoulders.


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